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A halt for rest - the Guards Brigade on the march to Kroonstadt, Boer War, S.A..jpg
An Exciting skirmish in the Battle of Colenso, Boer War, World's Fair, St. Louis, U.S.A.jpg
Battle of Belmont. Nov. 23D 1899. Boer-British War.jpg
Beeston Boer War Memorial, Plaque - - 1185085.jpg
BL 5 inch Howitzer Second Boer War .jpg
BL 5 inch Howitzer Second Boer War.jpg
Boer Legation VA0949.jpg
Boer Rifle Corps at Machadodorp, S.A..jpg
Boer War Memorial, Dunedin, NZ, inscription privates.JPG
Boers at Spion Kop, 1900 - Project Gutenberg eText 16462.jpg
Boers at Spion Kop, 1900.jpg
Boers watch the fight at Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal, 1899.jpg
Boer-war-volunteers from Finland&Scandinavia.jpg
British casualties, Spionkop, 1900.jpg
Canadians leaving Cape Town for the front, South Africa 1900.jpg
Celebration of the end of the Boer War, Yonge Street.jpg
Company C returns from Boer War.jpg
Company C returns from Boer War_1.jpg
Cronje's men at Modder River waiting to be assigned to tents in the prison camp, S.A..jpg
Finale; Boer War production.jpg
Gandhi Boer War.jpg
H.M.S. Niobe, 1900.jpg
In the Orange River trenches holding back the Boers--South Africa.jpg
Lord Roberts' Army at Pretoria , June 5th, 1900.jpg
Lord Roberts' infantry crossing the Zand River - balloon watching ahead for the Boers, S.A.jpg
Piet Cronje after capture Feb 1900 IWM Q 82941.jpg
QF 4.7 inch field guns Boer War.jpg
Queen Victoria on Boer War Memorial near St Chad's.jpg
Smuts Boereoorlog.jpg
Soldiers going to the Boer War, Ottawa.jpg
StateLibQld 1 115780 Men of the Fourth Queensland Contingent who returned from the Boer War, August 1901.jpg
Tenth Hussars after repulsing attack by Boers Jan. 4th, Colesberg, S. Africa.jpg
The Boer War, 1899 - 1092 Q102053.jpg
The Second Anglo - Boer War, South Africa 1899 - 1902 Q68497.jpg
The Second Anglo - Boer War, South Africa 1899 - 1902.jpg
The Second Anglo - Boer War, South Africa 1899.jpg
Tommy Atkins South African Home, Nooitgedacht Prison, S.A..jpg
Yonge Street crowd celebrating the end of the Boer War_1.jpg
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