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[Col.] Geo. T. Bartlett.jpg
Benjamin H. Grierson, Maj. General.jpg
Capt. E.H. Wadsworth of CALEDONIA.jpg
Col. B. Grierson, 6th Ill. Cavalry.jpg
Col. McCarty.jpg
Gen. Alfred J. Vaughn, Col. 13th Tenn. Inf.jpg
Gen. Alfred J. Vaughn, Col. of 13th Tenn. Inf, C.S.A. lost leg at All[_].jpg
Gen. Sir Jas. M. Grierson.jpg
General A.J. Vaughn, of Texas, C.S.A., in uniform, half-length portrait, facing right.jpg
Lieutenant Charles S. Gallup, Chicago, Illinois, a member of the United States Army Air forces fight.jpg
Lt. Karl D. Bradford, Cavalry.jpg
Lt. Lowell H. Smith and Sgt. Harvey.jpg
Lt. Lowell Smith, Weeks, Gen. Patrick, Gen. Mitchell, Lt. Eric Nelson, Lt. Leigh Wade at White House.jpg
Lt. Lowell Smith.jpg
Lt. Thos. W. Chandler.jpg
Maj. H.M. Chittenden, portrait bust.jpg
Maj. Julian R. Lindsay, 11 Cavalry.jpg
Military funeral, Lt. Hazelhurst, 1912.jpg
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