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9th Infantry breaking camp to embark for the Spanish-American war.jpg
9th United States Cavalry training horses for Spanish-American  war.jpg
Army signal corps soldiers during the Spanish-American war.jpg
Camp barber at work during the Spanish-American war.jpg
Cannons being loaded on transport preparing to sail to Cuba for the Spanish-American war_ Tampa, Flo.jpg
Col. E.L. Huggins, 8th US VI, Chickamauga, Ga., Spanish American War.jpg
Company B of the 21st Infantry on a dusty march during the Spanish-American war.jpg
Company E of the 9th Infantry reading newspapers during the Spanish-American War.jpg
Filipino soldiers outside Manila 1899.jpg
Graves of and Monument to Spanish American War nurses.jpg
Lamb, Richard and Mrs. Lamb. (Spanish American war camp.).jpg
Loading horses onto railroad cars at Port Tampa during the Spanish-American war.jpg
McKinley and Spanish-American War Leaders Portrait Fan, ca. 1898.jpg
Officers Spanish American War vets. Net Tri[...] Syd Houston, 1_8_39.jpg
Spanish American War Memorial.jpg
Spanish American War, 2nd Regiment.jpg
Spanish American War, 69th Regiment Mascot.jpg
Spanish American War, Infantry, holding Krag rifle with fixed bayonette, cartridge belt.jpg
Spanish-American war camp scene_ Tampa, Florida.jpg
Spanish-American War officer on a mule.jpg
Spanish-American War Soldiers.jpg
Spanish-American War, Camp Townsend, Peekskill, N.Y. [medics.jpg
USS Iowa (BB-4) Fires Guns During Spanish-American War.jpg
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